The teachings of the Buddha to Laypeople: Dīgha Nikāya | The Long Discourses of the Buddha

Total: 34 suttas; 14 to householders; plus, indirectly 1

[DN 02]
Pali: Sàmanna-Phala Sutta
English: The Fruits of the Homeless Life
Vietnamese: Kinh Sa Môn Quả

[DN 03]
Pali: Ambattha Sutta
English: About Ambaṭṭha Pride Humbled
Vietnamese: Kinh A Ma Trú

[DN 04]
Pali: Sonadanda Sutta
English: About The Qualities of a True Brahmin
Vietnamese: Kinh Chủng Đức

[DN 05]
Pali: Kutadanta Sutta
English: About Kūṭadanta A Bloodless Sacrifice
Vietnamese: Kinh Cứu-la-đàn-đầu

[DN 06]
Pali: Mahàli Sutta
English: About Mahali Heavenly Sights, Soul and Body
Vietnamese: Kinh Ma-Ha-Li

[DN 09]
Pali: Potthapàda Sutta
English: About Poṭṭapāda States of Consciousness
Vietnamese: Kinh Bố-Sá-Bà-Lâu

[DN 10]
Pali: Subha Sutta
English: About Subha Morality, Concentration, Wisdom
Vietnamese: Kinh Tu-Ba

[DN 11]
Pali: Kevaddha Sutta
English: About Kevaddha What Brahma Didn’t Know
Vietnamese: Kinh Kiên Cố

[DN 12]
Pali: Lohicca Sutta
English: About Lohicca Good and Bad Teachers
Vietnamese: Kinh Lô-hi-gia

[DN 13]
Pali: Tevijja Sutta
English: The Threefold Knowledge The Way to Brahmā
Vietnamese: Kim Tam Minh

[DN 16]
Pali: Mahà-parinibbàna Sutta
English: The Great Passing The Buddha’s Last Days
Vietnamese: Kinh Đại Bát-Niết-Bàn

[DN 23]
Pali: Pàyàsi Sutta
English: About Pāyāsi Debate With a Sceptic Division Three – The Pāṭika Division
Vietnamese: Kinh Tệ-Túc

[DN 27]
Pali: Agganana Sutta
English: On Knowledge of Beginnings
Vietnamese: Kinh Khởi thế nhân bổn

[DN 28]
Pali: Sampasàdaniya Sutta
English: Serene Faith
Vietnamese: Kinh Tự hoan hỷ

[DN 31]
Pali: Singàlovàda Sutta
English: To Sigālaka Advice to Lay People
Vietnamese: Kinh Giáo thọ Thi-ca-la-việt

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